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Have you read a book or watched a movie that spooked you so much you were too scared to sleep?

I get spooked pretty easily. As I've gotten older, I have learned to train my mind set to combat the spooks along with other unpleasant feelings. Mind set is so important in all aspects of life. Your mind set will make or break your workout. Your mind is stronger than your body in many ways. Train it to work for you and not against you.

Intrusive thoughts are unwelcome, uninvited and we all experience them from time to time. These can be negative self talk (I am not good at this), irrational fears (what is under the bed), Irrational thoughts (what if a zombie is waiting for me in the kitchen)...and on and on. Thoughts are powerful. Words are powerful. I hope your inner voice is kind to you today. I encourage you to exercise your mind even more than your physcial body. Having a positive mind set is a game changer in this crazy world we're living in. If you'd like, DM me for some of my favorite books on this topic.

The lovely Allison Jackson will be teaching a pop up flow class this Sunday at 2:30pm. I hope to see you all there for this special class. There will be some videoing for the website if you'd like to be a part of it!! Don't let the camera spook you!

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The Sit Fit Class has been fabulous! I have physical limitations so I am not able to participate in other classes. This Sit Fit class allows me to enjoy lighter exercise, stretching and movement in a group so I get to feel the whole class experience. If any of you have physical limitations or if you are rehabbing from injury or surgery, I highly recommend this class. It is fun, it is group interaction, it is rewarding, motivating and satisfying. You can modify any of the movements to fit your limitations and still benefit from the class. Plus, the music playlists are so good…they add so much pleasure and enjoyment to the class.

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