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You will find a variety of heated fitness classes on our schedule, and one non-heated class per week. Our floor is excellent for absorbing impact and improves comfort, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. It provides extra support for the knees and it is highly slip-resistant. This makes it an ideal flooring option where safety is the priority. Our heat panels produce heat waves like the sun ~ transferring warmth to the body, gently increasing circulation and providing pain relief. Our staff is a team of multi-talented people that love hot fitness and want to inspire and encourage everyone that walks through our doors. Danae also offers Dance choreography for Weddings and Special occasions. We are a place to connect and find your WHY. Ignite the passion of life by pushing your body and mind further than you thought you ever could.

Our Story

Exercise and fitness is everywhere you look today. It’s hot, cold, fast, slow, and everything in between. People need it more than ever before, as we live in a world with computers, social media, work from home jobs, and on and on. Exercise enhances your mood and greatly impacts your overall health and well being both mentally and physically.


Dance is where my fitness journey began and I had the opportunity to dance and teach competitive dancers well into my 30’s. When I discovered hot yoga over 13 years ago, it became my favorite way to exercise because I found it had similarities to what I consider a dance class. They differ greatly but the fitness results I find to be the same. I combine a beautiful blend of movements that I call Fenix Hot 50 (no dance background necessary).  Mobility exercises are always included in this movement. All of our classes are designed to meet all levels from beginners to advanced athletes.  You will build strength, tone muscles, increase range of motion and flexibility. You will decrease STRESS and increase your level of stamina and endurance. The classes are designed to strengthen the core, tone the entire body, and sweat out toxins while experiencing all the benefits of infrared heat.


Prior to making this decision to open Fenix Hot Fitness, I was in the helping profession for 14 years. Social work and school counseling awarded me the opportunity to help others in ways that greatly impacted their lives. I find this to be the best part of this new endeavor. Come and see what Fenix Hot Fitness can do for you! I can’t wait to see for myself. 

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