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Schedule Change Update!

Hello everyone, I hope this email finds you well. We have had several requests for more 8am class times. I added an 8am Barre class on Tuesdays and an 8am strength & stretch on Fridays. Make sure to check the new schedule for these changes starting next week! I know for some, 8am is a bit too early and 9:30 a bit too late, depending on what time you take your child to school. While class sizes are small currently, I really appreciate all of your patience/understanding on schedule changes! We are growing steadily and one day soon, I hope to have options to meet all of your needs. Thursday night community class was packed last night! Tell your friends to check us out-only $10 every Thursday at 6pm (free for members.) I'll be teaching the 9:30 Hot 50 this morning.

Take care everyone and have an amazing Friday!!

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