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Private Lessons & Open Red Sessions

We now offer private lessons and open red sessions at Fenix. If you are interested in a private lesson DM me for available times and rates. An open red session is a new addition to Fenix. This is for anyone wanting to use the heated studio to relax, stretch, de-stress, sleep...literally, it's your hour in the heated room to soak in the warmth and enjoy. Check out the benefits of Infrared Heat Here.

The heat lamps will be on at 95 and set to reach 104 so they will remain on an entire hour. I will have the lights low and relaxing music for these sessions, but feel free to wear your ear buds and enjoy your own personal playlist. When the heat is turning off, the sessions is coming to an end and you will be greeted with a cool lavender towel as with any class. The open red session will be on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm. This is included in your membership plan, unless you would like to book a separate time and day of the week that fits your schedule better ($30/hour). Email us at to book a private or group open red session. If we can accommodate the desired time and day for you, the private booking is $30/person or $10/person for 3 or more people.

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