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Finding your why.

Why do you come to Fenix Hot Fitness, or any other gym/workout facility? Reaching fitness goals is usually a big part of why anyone works out, but exercise alone is not satisfying to me personally. I used to do home workouts and burnt out pretty quick. For me, I look forward to being in a space with others and helping to create energy in the room. If you have ever been through something traumatic, or lost a loved one, you may find this type of fitness studio therapeutic like I do. We have all had our share of suffering and maybe become disenchanted with life at times. It is helpful to find your why in these times. Why do you keep going, keep trying, keep moving forward and so on. Moving the body releases endorphins, which helps to relieve stress. Feeling a sense of belonging and being part of a group of people with similar interests can be therapeutic in itself. The music, the lighting, the infrared heat and the people create this space to move, breathe, and to take comfort in knowing it's a safe place to practice without judgment or criticism. I love encouraging people and seeing them make progress-feeling better inside and out. I have seen and felt the difference in my own mental and physical health due to practicing in a room with others, together with common goals, moving together, breathing together and feeling a sense of unity and peace in the day. I find this to be my why.

Fenix Hot Fitness, Find Your Why
Owner Danae Schindele, Fenix Hot Fitness

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